BSG srl , acronym for “Gluten-free Shop”, was founded in 2000.

After over twenty years of experience in the distribution of gluten-free foods, meticulously researched, selected and sold on the web when there were still few ranges available and pharmaceutical companies did not have a strong interest in entering the sector, BSG followed the trend by expanding the range of assortments by including, in addition to gluten-free foods :

  • Protein and non-protein foods
  • Organic foods
  • Early childhood foods
  • Foods for diabetics and without sugar
  • Allergen-free foods for intolerances and allergies
  • Foods for vegan and vegetarian diets
  • Kosher diet foods
  • Dietary-therapeutic foods in general

Becoming a highly specialized company in the wholesale distribution of organic foods and for food intolerances.

Since the world of food is constantly evolving, and the product offering is currently extremely varied, the search for cutting-edge foods and producers continues every day.

To respond to market demand, an e-commerce site for private individuals was developed in 2003 to give consumers the opportunity to purchase safe and difficult-to-find products from home.


BSG was founded way back in 2000 by the will of a celiac entrepreneur, father of two children who were also gluten intolerant.

The difficulty of finding different products and the small number of foods offered in pharmacies at that time pushed him to directly contact producers, even small ones with limited distribution possibilities, and to create the first gluten-free e-commerce.

In 2003 BSG was contacted by some catering companies who had the dual problem of sourcing gluten-free foods directly from the various structures (school/company canteens and hospitals) and of supplying a wider range of products: what is now its core business , specializing in supplies to collective catering, investing considerable human and economic resources.

BSG currently supplies, in addition to structures specialized in collective catering, also hotel and tourist chains including the most important cruise ships.

The team

The BSG Team is made aware of the importance of supporting those responsible for food supply , avoiding the task of personally going to the pharmacy to purchase gluten-free foods or for intolerances. It offers a centralization of costs in economic terms and a very vast and safe assortment .

Companies that deal with collective catering by managing tenders in public structures must strictly subordinate their purchases to the legal requirements envisaged for the various types of foods to be administered present in the specifications, BSG offers expertise acquired in the sector of food intolerances and dietary therapeutic foods in over twenty years of work.

In a balanced diet it is very important not to eliminate foods that bring the correct nourishment to our body, in this case BSG offers a complete range of quality products (from small artisanal products, difficult to find in large-scale retail trade, to already well-known large brands).

Predominant characteristics that distinguish the team's work are the speed in supply and delivery on site and the personalized consultancy of a competent staff dedicated to responding to any type of information, giving the right assistance to the structures that must adapt to the standards established by law .