BSG is the ideal partner for Horeca , able to offer a safe and personalized service for all food intolerances by offering:
  • Wide assortment of over 1700 active references, of "unconventional" foods : allergen-free, low-protein and protein-free foods, early childhood and organic, as well as foods for vegetarian and vegan diets.

  • Shared and agreed price lists, always updated in the assortment.

  • Transport services for food at ambient and controlled temperatures at 0+4° and -18° .

  • Distribution with direct or indirect delivery , in transit on a platform, to meal production centers such as school canteens, hospital canteens or naval/hotel tourist catering.

  • Product research and consultancy , all correlated with nutritional technical data sheets.

  • Express shipments and deliveries, even within 24 hours .

  • Personalized picking according to customer needs, handling even below the secondary packaging.

  • Storage in a large area at a controlled temperature , equipped with shelving, drive-in and the recent installation of automatic vertical warehouses: Modula System Lift system.

  • Fleet of owned vehicles suitable for the transport of food at controlled temperatures.

  • Timely order fulfillment . The staff responds directly to the phone or email for any information or need.

  • Customized invoicing for cost centers, EDI data exchange.